How I Improved My Mattress in One Easy Lesson

We are increasingly aware of the importance of a good rest. How to define what is the ideal mattress or mattress for each body and each age.

The mattress is one of the most important elements when it comes to a good rest. Do not underestimate or save on it because we spend about a third of our lives lying in bed and sleep well is essential for health and to face the next day with good energy. We tell you which the best brands of mattresses and mattresses are and how to choose the ideal for you.

The first thing you have to think about is that it’s quality. It is something unavoidable for your health and because it should last a few years. If it quickly loses consistency or deteriorates, the cheap will cost you dearly.

As the offer is wide and the prices are very varied, we share some basic guidelines to know how to choose a good mattress, which allows you to rest well and get up every morning with recharged batteries.

The brands of mattresses of good quality

The most recommended mattress and mattress brands are national and some international.

Mattress materials

Foam: is composed of a material called polyurethane. The different types differ by their density: the denser the more, the better the resistance and the firmer. HR (high resilience) foams are durable and of good resistance to subsidence. The different zones of firmness that are in the interior adapt to each part of the body. The advantages: they give a firm and ergonomic rest, they are more economical than the rest of materials and they are good for overweight people. The disadvantages: resistance to subsidence is not as effective as in spring.

With spring: they are the most traditional and those that have a base of springs that can be conical or cylindrical, to which is added a polyurethane foam plate that can be of different densities. They can include a layer of latex or viscoelastic to avoid the hardness of the springs. As for the advantages, they are firm and generate good support for the back, return to their original position after use, maintain body temperature and are very affordable in their price. As for the disadvantages, they do not adapt quite well to the different pressures of the body and, with use, deforms its central area. In general, they are of excessive hardness.

Viscoelastic:  has a perfect technology for those who sleep on their side or suffer from joint or muscle problems. Thanks to their composition, they have a memory effect that adapts and recognizes the positions of the body, since it is composed of thermo sensitive foam. They are perfect for overweight people. Its great advantage is that it has a very good adaptation to the shape of the body and no area is left without support. It is the best for back or muscle pain, benefiting your relaxation. In addition, it maintains the correct alignment of the column. They are usually the most expensive.

Latex:  latex is able to adapt to body shape, reducing the pressure exerted on certain points, such as the shoulders, head or hips. The latex layer must be more than 4 centimeters thick. Its advantage is that, thanks to its elasticity, they are comfortable and adaptable to the body. The disadvantages are that, by mixing the synthetic with the natural, accumulates less moisture, its smell is stronger, deteriorate easily and are super sensitive to tearing, so you have to use special cases.

Springs:  the springs can be the best option for people with transpiration problems or who are looking for a more traditional rest. They are manufactured with a support made of springs that support and conform to the weight of the user. Among the advantages are comfort and adaptability and are more economical and lighter than the rest. As for the cons, it is necessary to turn them over and rotate them very frequently, in order to avoid sags and deformations. In addition, the springs can break over time and go through the fabric. So before buying visit memory foam mattress comparison once and then compare and purchase.